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Editor-in-chief: Christoph Schwitzer
Editors: Claudia Fichtel, Jörg U. Ganzhorn, Rodin M. Rasoloarison, Jonah Ratsimbazafy, Anne D. Yoder
Editorial assistants: Nicola Davies, Rose Marie Randrianarison

Past issues are available in PDF below:

Vol 21 2.03MB
Vol 20 2.67MB
Vol 19 3.21MB
Vol 18 2.51MB
Vol 17 2.67MB
Vol 16 2.57MB
Vol 15 4.77MB
Vol 14 4.30MB
Vol 13 1.81MB
Vol 12 1.43MB
Vol 11 2.31MB

Lemur News publishes manuscripts that deal largely or exclusively with lemurs and their habitat. The aims of the newsletter are to provide a forum for exchange of information about all aspects of lemur biology and conservation, and to alert interested people to particular threats to lemurs as they arise.

Lemur News welcomes the results of original research, field surveys, advances in field and laboratory techniques, book reviews, and informal status reports from research, conservation and management programs with lemurs in Madagascar and around the world. Manuscripts should be sent to:

Christoph Schwitzer
Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation
Bristol Zoo Gardens
Bristol BS8 3HA
United Kingdom
Email: cschwitzer (at)

Jonah Ratsimbazafy
34, Cité des Professeurs
Antananarivo 101
Email: gerp (at)

For detailed information on the proper formatting of submissions, please consult the Guidelines for Authors.